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The Draft Australia New Zealand Digital Twin Blueprint

This Blueprint has been created to influence action and investment in Digital Twins within the built and natural environment in both Australia and New Zealand. We use the catchphrase 'digital twins, for all' as the SCC strongly believes this is a data activation opportunity for every government, every agency, every sector and every discipline.


A key goal is to build a Digital Twin ‘marketplace’ - with good demand for and supply of Digital Twin capability. Therefore we have identified policy makers, practitioners and researchers as our key audience.


This document is a Blueprint only, and many tasks are yet to be completed by the SCC and others to turn it into a strategy. In the interim it is anticipated this document will be used in the following ways:

  • Policy makers will use it to shape their policy making, program design and support initiatives

  • Practitioners and advisors will use it to align their advice and support to clients

  • Vendors will use it to align their products and services, and their evolving innovations in data activation

  • Academics will use it identify education and research opportunities

  • Asset owners and operators will use it to seek opportunities to improve performance and inform investments.

The Blueprint was available for public comment for two months between July and September 2021. It is now being advanced via Task Forces based in Australia, and New Zealand, who are using the Blueprint to shape a nation-specific Strategy.

For further information about this process email:

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