18 August 2020:

Digital Twins for Cities

Welcome to the "Data Dialogues" - an online engagement series as part of Smart Cities Week Australia New Zealand 2020 and hosted by the Centre for Data Leadership.


This dialogue will unpack the opportunity of embracing the Digital Twin as a tool for activating data in local government.


As a powerful data platform the Digital Twin can help in planning, designing, constructing and operating our built environment assets, while also helping enhance city services. With its ability to ingest social, economic and natural environment data, in real time, one can see its potential value in delivering better outcomes for less.


Join our dialogue guests - from public, private and third sector - as we interrogate opportunities for Digital Twins in our cities.

Registration is free and can be accessed here

19-23 October 2020:

Digital Twin Week

Digital Twin Week 2020 will play the role of the 2019 National Digital Twin Symposium. It will involve a series of three sessions that look to celebrate the Digital Twin work across Australia and New Zealand, as well as emerging technology, practices and applications.


The three sessions include:

  1. Monday 19 October, 11:00am-1:00pm AEST: Digital Twin – State of the Nation

  2. Wednesday 21 October, 11:00am-1:00pm AEST: Digital Twins in Action – Knowledge Sharing

  3. Friday 23 October, 10:00am-12:00pm: Digital Twin Futures – Our Governance Roadmap


The final session on Friday 21st will focus around a series of virtual breakout sessions to identify a series of actions for 2021 implementation. The topics to be explored include:

  • Group 1: Standards and practice priorities

  • Group 2: Government and industry leadership structures

  • Group 3: Our policy priorities

Updates on Digital Week will be posted here on the Hub.

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