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SNAPSHOT: The 2021 NZ Digital Twin Summit

Digital Twin State of the Nation

In this opening session we asked the key question - "where is New Zealand at in terms of benefiting from Digital Twin action and investment"? Our panel of leading policy makers, practitioners and advocates reviewed the nation's journey since 2019.

Emerging Digital Twin Capability

This panel session comprised national government, Council, academic and private sector representation discussing the maturity of the market and how capability is being advanced.

The Australian New Zealand Digital Twin Blueprint

In this session we provided an update of the Digital Twin Blueprint, and how public sector, private sector and academia in New Zealand are working to implement best practice projects through the 2021 Digital Twin Challenge.

Digital Twin Futures

The final session for the day involved three (3) deep dives workshops around the themes of 'The Policy', 'The Commons' and 'The Enablers. These deep dives enabled dynamic dialogue in an effort to identify New Zealand's key priorities in building a thriving Digital Twin marketplace that delivers greater sustainability and prosperity for all.

The session speakers included:

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