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A Digital Twin Showcase with CSDILA

Updated: Oct 22, 2020

By Adam Beck | Executive Director, Smart Cities Council Australia New Zealand | Secretariat, Centre for Data Leadership | Administrator, ANZ Digital Twin Hub

The Centre for Spatial Digital Infrastructures and Land Administration at the University of Melbourne is currently working on a number of use cases including bushfire awareness through real-time data, COVID-19 analytics, as well as more capabilities for 3D data submission and visualisation.

This session will showcased all of the diversity of Digital Twin and digital and data projects being advanced by CSDILA. The showcase focused on leveraging the Digital Twins for:

  • Disaster and Emergency Management

  • Planning Support Systems

  • Space and asset Management in The University of Melbourne

  • IoT and Sensor Networks

  • UN Sustainable Development Goals

You can watch a recording of the session here:

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