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Asset intelligence through Digital Twins: Three sector perspectives

By Robyn Francis | Global Engagement Coordinator | Smart Cities Council

Day two at Digital Twin Week went deep into the smart infrastructure agenda with an afternoon session hosted by our member company KPMG.

In the first session, we talked about how to accelerate Digital Twin use case adoption through the use of an ultra configurable platform. The team from KPMG walked us through ARWIN, their proprietary capability platform that shortens time to value for technology investments. Whilst ARWIN is not a substitute for traditional reporting and analysis, nor is it a data mart or data warehouse, it is a modularised architecture which enables KPMG to bring together experience as a global leader in Data and Analytics and users to execute analytics on demand, with visual models and clearly laid out dashboards.

The session also covered how a user can ingest, analyse, present and govern asset data at all levels, with business continuity and risk modeling modules built into the core functionality of the platform.

We then looked at the journey towards Strategy as a Service, and how projects can be enhanced using asset intelligence tools or accelerants, such as using extrapolation to fill in blanks.

In the second session we focused on Asset Intelligence for Water, Transport and Telecommunications, hearing from the panel about how each organisation has identified the need for Digital Twins, tackled the challenge and realised value in the process, aligning project goals, data set requirements and stakeholders to deliver meaningful results.

As they ran through use cases and their learnings, the cohort covered everything from managing asset risk to increasing asset knowledge through statistically-driven methodologies and what they’ll be focusing on in the months to come.

Our guests included:

Julian Watts | KPMG

Luke De Jager | KPMG

Gerard Barclay | KPMG

Charles Moscato | Yarra Valley Water

Nicola Belcher | Victorian Department of Transport

Nadeera Wimalatissa | VicTrack

A recording of this session will be made available on the Smart Cities Academy website on November 1 2021. Subscribers to the DT Hub will be notified when available.

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