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Australia's first Digital Twin Symposium makes impact

Updated: Apr 11, 2020

By Gavin Cotterill | Consulting Director - Asia Pacific, PCSG | Co-Chair Digital Twin Task Force, Smart Cities Council

The National Digital Twin Symposium brought together the nations Digital Twin leaders from government, academia and industry to guide the direction of Australia’s Digital Twin agenda. The gathering was part sharing and exchange, and part road mapping, covering all things policy and practice, as it sought to build the foundations for a thriving Digital Twin marketplace.

The Program included:


Digital Twin State of the Nation

  • Kayelle Drinkwater, General Manager, Australian Department of Industry, Innovation and Science

  • Bruce Thompson, Chair Australia New Zealand Land Information Council New Zealand

  • Sean Audain, City Innovation Lead, Wellington City Council

  • TAN Boon Khai, Chief Executive Officer, Singapore Land Authority

Digital Twins in Action

State Government

  • Melissa Harris, Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning (Victoria)

  • Steven Jacoby, Department of Natural Resources, Mines and Energy (Queensland)

  • Simon Hunter, Department of Planning, Industry and Environment (New South Wales)

Local Government

  • Wilson Lowe, Brisbane City Council (Queensland)

  • Shane Conserdyne, Newcastle City Council (New South Wales)

Practitioners and Vendors

  • Gavin Cotterill, Consulting Director Asia Pacific, PCSG

  • Colin Griffith, Digital Strategy and Projects Lead, CSIRO

Research and Innovation

  • Professor Dr. Sisi Zlatanova, Head of Geospatial, Research, Innovation and Development, University of New South Wales

  • Katrina Donaghy, Co-Founder and CEO of Civic Ledger

  • Elizabeth Zealand, CEO Spot Parking

The National Digital Twin Principles

  • Judi Dawton, Australian Department of Industry, Innovation and Science

The Digital Twin Guidance Note

  • Gavin Cotterill, Co-Chair Smart Cities Council Digital Twin Task Force


William Ruh – Chief Executive Officer, Lendlease Digital


Building a National Roadmap for Action in the afternoon session looked to build on the morning exchange and the use of the Draft National Digital Twin Principles and Digital Twin Guidance Note. Three deep dive groups were facilitated.

Group 1: Policy, Practice, Standards and Stakeholders – How do we architect the optimum environment to accelerate Digital Twin action.

Group 2: Digital Twin as the Data Integrator – How do we deliver on the promise of a data-enabled future.

Group 3: Investment, Value Capture and Delivery – How do we accelerate investment in the Digital Twin agenda, and the benefits it can deliver.

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