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Calling for the region's best Digital Twin projects

By Adam Beck | Executive Director, Smart Cities Council Australia New Zealand | Secretariat, Centre for Data Leadership | Administrator, ANZ Digital Twin Hub

Digital Twin Week 2020 will feature six of the regions leading Digital Twin projects, presented as case studies in a featured session on Wednesday 21 October.

Each case study will include:

  • Project overview - key attributes, where in the asset lifecycle, key stakeholders

  • Why a Digital Twin? - what led to the application of a Digital Twin

  • Twin functionality - connectivity, data integration, visualisation, data analysis, security

  • Data sets used - which of the five minimum Digital Twin data sets?

  • Technical characteristics - platform build, sensors deployed, use of standards

  • Outcomes - value created, lessons learned and next steps

Each case study will be 12min long, with a panel discussion to be facilitated afterwards to allow audience questions of the projects.

We have five remaining case study slots, and if you are interested in submitting your project for consideration, please complete our form here.

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