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Digital Twin Collaborative quarterly update

By Adam Beck | Executive Director, Smart Cities Council Australia New Zealand | Secretariat, Centre for Data Leadership | Administrator, ANZ Digital Twin Hub

On 19 June the Regional Digital Twin Collaborative met to update our regional leaders on what's happening and what's coming on all things Digital Twin.

The Collaborative, set up by the SCC in early 2019, serves as a multi sector knowledge sharing group across both Australia and New Zealand, with international guests from time to time (eg. Singapore).

The Collaborative includes members of the SCCANZ Digital Twin Task Force, all levels of government, supporting NGO's (eg. ANZLIC) and the research community.

At the June meeting updates were provided by:

  • Greg Preston - Quake Centre | University of Canterbury, NZ

  • Steve Jacoby - Executive Director | Dept. NRME, QLD

  • Richard Ferris - Chief Technology Officer, Digital Twin | Lendlease

  • Melissa Harris - Executive Director | DELWP, VIC

  • Coin Griffith - Digital Strategy and Projects | Data61

  • Sean Audain - City Innovation Lead | Wellington City Council

  • KC Tay - ASEAN Lead | Smart Cities Council

  • Gavin Cotterill - SCCANZ Co-Chair Digital Twin Task Force | PCSG

As short report will be forthcoming on the outcomes of this meeting.

Any enquiries about the Collaborative can be directed to:

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