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Digital Twin intersections: Open data, data sharing, data exchange

By Adam Beck | Executive Director, Smart Cities Council Australia New Zealand | Lead, Australia New Zealand Digital Twin Hub

The Digital Twin Challenge will see 17 organisations advance 13 projects in an effort to create a series of knowledge resources to help accelerate the Digital Twin marketplace in the region.

In this post we offer an overview of Project 4, titled 'Digital Twin as a data sharing and data exchange platform'.

The purpose of this project is to shape guidance around how building Digital Twin capability can be used to establish opportunities for opening data, greater data sharing and data exchange internally within an organisation and externally.

The team members working on this project include FrontierSI, GRID Lab @ UNSW, City of Launceston, Lake Macquarie City Council, Marlborough District Council, City of Melbourne and Sydney Water.

The output of this project will be focused around a Guidance Note providing support on how a Digital Twin journey can be an opportunity for an organisation to accelerate data sharing and exchange services. These guidelines on how to build data sharing and data exchange functionality into a Digital Twin processes will include:

  • Guidance for contractors and other data procurement processes

  • Relevant digital literacy requirements for stakeholders

  • Which data standards and frameworks support open data, data sharing and data exchange

  • How to ensure data leadership - purpose, privacy, security, ethics and governance - is embedded across the maturity of open data to data exchange.

Resources helping inform project scoping include:

If you are interested in supporting this project or the Digital Twin Challenge more broadly, please express your interest here.

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