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Digital Twin Maturity... A Measure of Technology or Humans?

By Adam Beck | Executive Director, Smart Cities Council Australia New Zealand | Secretariat, Centre for Data Leadership | Administrator, ANZ Digital Twin Hub

It is now commonly accepted amongst asset owners that shifting from a disconnected set of sporadically and manually maintained datasets towards an intelligent and connected digital twin is desirable.

The benefits of doing so are many and well documented.

As more and more organisations begin this journey, new challenges have arisen. One of these is the concept of maturity. This maturity is often measured in terms of an index, describing progressive steps in digitisation, or technology adoption. But what about the maturity of the organisation and its people to work with these new systems, and to understand the switch to an information-driven asset?

What about understanding how information assets created through construction or maintenance should be delivered by the supply chain, and being able to define how will this information be assimilated into the broader organisational information management architecture.

Similarly, is the supply chain equipped to respond to increasingly sophisticated requirements from clients? Are they able to accommodate the fundamental implications, such as moving to a model-first environment, designing, collaborating, and verifying in real time, and creating standardised information assets?

We invite you to this panel discussion, investigating recent examples of how digital twin projects have become about more than technology.

We ask ourselves – what key things do asset owners, designers and constructers need to do to upskill, and increase digital twin maturity? What do our super engineers and super asset owners of the future look like? What skills do they need? How important is change management?

Our panellists included: Will Hackney (Aurecon), Andy Lyon (KiwiRail), Karl Fitzpatrick (Auckland Airport) and Keri Niven (Aurecon).

You can watch the recording of the session here:

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