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Digital Twin standards - Where to now?

By Adam Beck | Executive Director, Smart Cities Council Australia New Zealand | Secretariat, Centre for Data Leadership | Administrator, ANZ Digital Twin Hub

On Thursday 23 July stakeholders across Australia and New Zealand representing government, industry and academia gathered to discuss digital twin standards for the region, and how a pathway might emerge to mobilise the process for standards development.

Four questions were used to structure the discussion:

  1. What are our lessons learned from BIM, and similar sectors, when it comes to creating standards?

  2. What does government want/need from Digital Twin standards?

  3. What standards-building approach might we adopt for Digital Twin?

  4. Who should lead the development of Digital Twin standards?

The 'output board' from the session is provided below as a PDF and PNG file.

Digital Twin Standards Discovery Session
Download • 752KB

You can also listen to and view the discussion here:

Further discovery sessions will be facilitated in the coming months, and if you would like to know more, or participate, please send us an email -

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