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Digital Twin Standards, an update

By Adam Beck | Executive Director, Smart Cities Council Australia New Zealand | Secretariat, Centre for Data Leadership | Administrator, ANZ Digital Twin Hub

So, where are things at when it comes to Digital Twin standardisation?

Well, here is what we know, from the International Standards Organisation (ISO) and the British Standards Institute (BSI):


The key standards to track from ISO/IEC include:

  • ISO/IEC AWI 30172: Digital twin - Use cases. This is currently under development and at Stage 10.99 (Proposal) - now approved as a new project with a working draft under development.

  • ISO/IEC AWI 30173: Digital twin - Concepts and terminology. This is currently under development and at Stage 20 (Preparatory) - with a working draft already prepared, comments received and approved for registration as a Committee Draft.

  • ISO/FDIS 23-247 - 1: Automation systems and integration - Digital Twin framework for manufacturing - Part 1: Overview and general principles. This is currently under development and final text has been registered for approval. The additional parts to this standard include Part 2) Reference Architecture, Part 3) Digital representation of manufacturing elements and Part 4) Information exchange are also underdevelopment as well.

Via the Standards Australia IT-042-00-02 Digital Twin Working Group, feedback is being presented to the ISO/IEC editing team for each of the documents ISO/IEC AWI 30172 and 30173. For further information about these two documents please contact the Working Group Convener: Adam Beck, Smart Cities Council:

British Standards Institute

The Centre for Digital Built Britain (CDBB) commissioned the British Standards Institute (BSI) to create a clear roadmap for the nation to prioritise Digital Twin standards development.

This roadmap was posted in draft form on the CDBB Digital Twin Hub in January, with a final yet to be publicly available. The draft includes indication of the following possible standards:

  • Part 1 - Overview and Principles

  • Part 2 - Reference Architecture

  • Part 3 - Digital Representation of Built Environment Elements

  • And eight related publications to support Digital Twin application

Note: Registration to the CDBB Digital Twin Hub is required to access this document.

Head to the Forum on the DT Hub and post any other updates you may like to share on Digital Twin Standards.

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