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Digital Twin use cases, time to mobilise

By Adam Beck | Executive Director, Smart Cities Council Australia New Zealand | Lead, Australia New Zealand Digital Twin Hub

Earlier this week government, industry and academic stakeholders participating in the Digital Twin Challenge industry webinar indicated a strong interest in Digital Twin use cases as being a priority issue for market stimulation. This also confirms feedback the Smart Cities Council received throughout 2020/2021 whilst engaging on the Draft Australia New Zealand Digital Twin Blueprint.

At this month's DT Hub Meet (Tue 10 August 12:00pm AEST) we have the pleasure of having Prudence Lawrence (Senior Spatial Technician at Customer Service NSW) join us to share her work on Digital Twin use case development as part of the evolution of ISO/IEC WD 30172 Digital twin – Use cases.

At the Meet information will be shared on how government and industry stakeholders can share their use case information as part of a new Digital Twin use case portal launching on the DT Hub website in September. This will serve not only as a forum to exchange use case information, but connect stakeholders on potential Digital Twin development opportunities.

Register for the August DT Hub Meet here.

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