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Digital Twins for Cities: Community of Practice

Updated: Jul 18, 2022

By Smart Cities Council Australia New Zealand

With our commitment to advance Digital Twin opportunities for all, registration is now open for the 'Digital Twin for Cities' Community of Practice.

This Community of Practice will serve as a knowledge sharing and capacity building forum for government employees.

This Community of Practice caters for the full spectrum of maturity, from "I dont know what a Digital Twin is?", through to the most advanced organisations seeking to continually improve and network with others.

We are seeking engagement from all levels of government across Australia, New Zealand and the wider region.

Monthly exchange sessions will be the underpinning activity among members, supplemented with additional engagements where opportunities specific to cities emerge.

While engagements will be scheduled for Australia and New Zealand time-zones, cities outside of the region are encouraged to join the Community of Practice so they can also access government-related Digital twin correspondence and build their Digital Twin network. Register here.

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