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Five Digital Twin recommendations to fire the UK economy

By Adam Beck | Executive Director, Smart Cities Council Australia New Zealand | Secretariat, Centre for Data Leadership | Administrator, ANZ Digital Twin Hub

TeckUK, an industry body promoting the social value of technology to citizens and businesses, has released a report - ‘Unlocking Value Across the UK’s Digital Twin Ecosystem’ - that is hoped to help reignite layers of their economy and bring urgent and sustained action and investment.

The report centres around five key recommendations, namely:

  1. Develop a cross-cutting, interdisciplinary coordinating body to drive forward digital twin adoption and diffusion in the UK

  2. Demonstrate value from (and explore barriers to) the adoption and diffusion of digital twins via a series of strategic demonstrators

  3. Trigger the adoption of digital twins across the UK by exploring the development of an online digital twin procurement portal

  4. Work with industry to identify talent pipeline requirements and anticipate levels of future demand for skills across the UK’s digital twin ecosystem

  5. Fund a net zero 2050 digital twin demonstrator to establish the UK as a global leader in leveraging digital twins for decarbonisation.

The report can be downloaded here.

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