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From the front desk - Here's what the leaders are up to

By Adam Beck | Executive Director, Smart Cities Council Australia New Zealand | Secretariat, Centre for Data Leadership | Administrator, ANZ Digital Twin Hub

What is happening on the Digital Twin front with our leading Digital Twin policy makers and practitioners around the region?

Here's what we can share this month:

  • Arnowa is building a portfolio of Digital Twin technologies using the Internet of Things, helping 'light up' the heartbeat of a Twin

  • Spatial Vision is wining awards for their strategic consulting on Digital Twin capability

  • Digital Twin Victoria is a pilot by the State Government that is accelerating its approach to sustainability, liveability and resilience

  • Veris invests in 'complete coverage' for Digital Twins, with leading Lidar capability

  • Spot Parking is creating Digital Twins of the kerbside, our most contested urban infrastructure

  • Civic Analytica has proposed that agile data services in support of Digital Twins is a significant opportunity awaiting the market

  • PCSG is helping shape leading use cases for Digital Twins from an economic development and tourism perspective

  • New Zealand Infrastructure Commission sends a strong signal that a nation-wide Digital Twin could be part of its future approach to building sustainable infrastructure

  • DBM Vircon take visualisation capability to next level for Digital Twin with gamification, animation and real-time visualisation

  • FrontierSI outlines critical role of consistency and standardisation to ensure Digital Twin growth

  • Bentley are bringing the Digital Twin to the community, with city-wide use cases that have sustainability at its heart

  • Lake Macquarie City Council invests in smart cities infrastructure, capability, as on-ramp to Digital Twin journey

  • AWS are all in on Digital Twin, learn more about their reference architecture by watching this 7min presentation

And on the Digital Twin Challenge, at the time of writing, 15 multi-sector organisations from across Australia and New Zealand are mobilising to tackle 13 Digital Twin projects/challenges. As a cohort they will advance a range of engagements, research projects and content creation processes to produce a set of leading knowledge resources to be published late 2022.

More information will be shared regularly on the Hub, and you can always contact us at for further information on how to get involved.

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