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Preparing for Infrastructure 4.0

By Adam Beck | Executive Director, Smart Cities Council Australia New Zealand | Lead, Australia New Zealand Digital Twin Hub

Welcome to the first of a number of special podcast interviews as part of our Digital Twin series. In this episode on the Smart Cities Chronicles we chat with Graeme Henderson - Global Practice Director at GHD Digital - on the demands that Infrastructure 4.0 is presenting to the market, and how we will benefit from the digital transformation of the infrastructure sector.

Of course we talk about Digital Twin capability, but also how we resource this transformation process. As someone responsible for a global organisation's capabilities in digital engineering, Graeme brings a view that is pragmatic, yet keeps a keen eye on what's coming over the horizon.

Listen to the podcast episode through your favourite podcast platform, or tune in directly here.

We would also like to Thank GHD Digital for their participation in the Digital Twin Challenge, our leading program for advancing the capability of the Australia and New Zealand Digital Twin marketplace.

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