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SEQ Digital Twin Forum

Updated: Apr 30, 2020

By Neil Glentworth | Chairman, GWI | Director, Community Data

The inaugural SEQ Digital Twin Industry Forum brought together representatives of local, state, and commonwealth governments, industry and academia.

The forum, hosted on 17 October 2019, shared Queensland’s most recent progress in the digital twin space, including the momentum towards the successful realisation of an SEQ Digital Twin.

Neil Glentworth, Director of Community Data, MC'd the event, and shared some of his recent insights into digital twin initiatives around the world, and the benefits they bring to government and the community.

Matt Collins of Queensland Treasury’s Cities Transformation Taskforce will provided an overview of the Digital opportunities offered by the SEQ City Deal – and what the deal would bring to Queensland’s community and industry.

There were also presentations by Graeme Newton, Chief Executive Officer of Cross River Rail; Dennis Walsh, Chief Engineer of the Department of Transport and Main Roads; and Adam Beck, Executive Director of Smart Cities Council Australia New Zealand. These speakers shared their own work in the digital twin, data interoperability, and big data spaces.

A wrap up panel with some of Queensland’s most notable advocates for digital transformation and the power of data was facilitated including: Distinguished Professor Kerrie Mengersen from QUT, Peter Sippel from Veris, and Queensland’s Small Business Champion Maree Adshead, Amanda Newbery from Articulous MD, among others.

Learn more here about how the SEQ Digital Twin is taking shape by connecting with the Department of Naatural Resources, Mines and Energy.

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