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The Australia New Zealand Digital Twin Strategy - Update

Updated: Feb 16, 2021

The Smart Cities Council has been stewarding the creation of a Digital Twin Strategy for Australia and New Zealand. Through the Smart Cities Council Digital Twin Task Force, and subsequent involvement from a broader contributor group, more than 150 people have provided input and feedback.

The Draft Strategy has been in development since March 2020, with the document maintained in a Google Doc environment for easy access and revision and recommendation tracking. Responses to comments and questions are also responded to and resolved, to maintain transparency.

This approach to Strategy development has encouraged contribution from government, industry and academic partners from across the region.

The Strategy is providing a series of goals, principles, priorities and recommendations to help realise the value and build a Digital Twin ecosystem and marketplace across the Australia New Zealand region.

It will provide a foundation for subsequent work by government and industry in helping shape a Digital Twin standards development processes, technical and strategic guidance materials and policy and programs to build and activate the Digital Twin marketplace.

How do we anticipate the Strategy will be used?

  • Policy makers - to shape their policy making

  • Practitioners and advisors - to align their advice and support to clients

  • Vendors - to align their products and services

  • Academics - to identify research opportunities

  • Asset owners and operators - to seek opportunities to improve performance of assets and direct investments.

The Strategy is in a final drafting phase and will reach an important milestone at the end of February with a formal draft released for wider stakeholder review.

The Draft Strategy evolves each day with real-time contributions being added by stakeholders. Every Friday the Smart Cities Council Digital Twin Task Force meets to review progress and refine the document

If you would like access to the draft document to provide feedback please contact the Smart Cities Council at:

To be kept up to date on the progress of the Strategy make sure you are subscribing for updates via the subscription function on the Digital Twin Hub home page.

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