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The Digital Twin Challenge, a progress update

Updated: Jul 28, 2022

By Jannat Maqbool | Executive Director, Smart Cities Council Australia New Zealand | Administrator, ANZ Digital Twin Hub

March 2022 marked a major milestone for the inaugural Digital Twin Challenge, with a full cohort virtual gathering over two days to assess progress and advance the projects.

As our cohort members reviewed draft documents and further scoped projects needing additional guidance, what emerged was greater clarity, excitement and purpose.

While the technical work was successful, the collaboration and learning among the cohort members were the most rewarding outcomes.

You see, the Challenge is designed to not only create and publish important resources for the wider industry to enjoy, but to offer a small cohort of leaders the opportunity to learn from each other in an intimate environment where questions can be asked, diverse views shared and lessons learned.

The first formal progress update of the Challenge has now been published and can be downloaded below.

In sharing this progress, and the scope of each project, we hope to stimulate wider interest and seek out opportunities to strategically consult with others.

Don't forget to join the free monthly DT Hub Meets, where Challenge project topics are being discussed on a regular basis.

If you have questions about the Digital Twin Challenge contact us here:

DTC Progress Update_April 2022
Download PDF • 6.79MB

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