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Visualisation tapas

Updated: Oct 23, 2021

By Robyn Francis | Global Engagement Coordinator | Smart Cities Council

As a core Digital Twin capability, visualisation is often at the front line of communication and engagement with key decision makers and the community.

At Digital Twin Week 2021 we saw rapid-fire presentations showcased the latest in imagery and storytelling. Each presenter had 5mins to demonstrate their visualisation prowess. It was all about impact!

Presenters took us on a tour, going deep inside the asset, communicating on another level, and sharing insights in a way that only visualisation can power.

Fast-paced and full of visual goodness, we hope the audience enjoyed it as much as we did.

First up, Andrew Curthoys from CrossRiverRail. We got an inside peek at the scope of work and how the team are changing the way people work and commute as it comes online in 2025.

Over to Maxl Keller who took the audience through a collaborative in development project between UNSW and PAM Smarter Navigation.

Taking an innovative approach to protecting privacy, the team are using LIDAR scanners and an innovative machine learning approach using VoxelNET Network. The aim - making predictions of where people are in real-time to make predictions on crowd movements.

Moving quickly, we crossed to Michael Sparrow from WSP who shared a project working to shape driver behaviour, using the Bruce Highway Interchange as a basis for their work. Why? To avoid people needing to take dangerous measures to get to the correct part of the highway as they approach the interchange when it opens.

Testing wayfaring, driver approaches, driving conditions and a few other aspects, the team built a digital twin from the federated model and tested with a broad range of community members in a controlled environment.

Finally, Lindsay Offner showcased the Brisbane City Council upgrade project working to increase the Brisbane bus network which will include electric vehicles, to name just one exciting feature.

Visualisation has been key in showcasing plans and sharing a lot of information in high-quality models with various stakeholders.

You’ll find more information on the Brisbane City Council website, here.

A recording of this session will be made available on the Smart Cities Academy website on November 1 2021. Subscribers to the DT Hub will be notified when available.

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