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Digital Twin TV: 30mins with the Leaders

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Digital Twin Week 2020 Videos
Access the most comprehensive set of recordings on everything Digital Twin across Australia and New Zealand - this is Digital Twin Week 2020
Digital Twin Guidance Note
The Digital Twin Guidance Note provides a range of information about definition, benefits and considerations for building a Digital Twin roadmap.
Digital Twin TV
Welcome to Digital Twin TV, our series of interviews and knowledge exchanges regarding all things Digital Twins.
ANZLIC Digital Twin Principles
To help drive a nationally consistent approach to spatially enabled digital twins, ANZLIC has collaborated across governments, industry and the research sector to develop the "Principles for Spatially Enabled Digital Twins of the Built and Natural Environment in Australia."
Digital Inovation: Australia's $315B Opportunity
Digital innovation can deliver $315 billion in gross economic value to Australia over the next decade, making it a critical ingredient in the nation's ongoing economic success. This report commissioned by Data61 identifies eight strategic areas where Australia can succeed in creating new digital products or services.
New Zealand Digital Twin Forum
In August 2019 stakeholders in New Zealand gathered to share knowledge and strategise on the opportunities for building a national digital twin in New Zealand.
Data for the Public Good
The UK National Infrastructure Commission published this report that examines the opportunities that increasing open data sharing can bring value and greater productivity in infrastructure projects.
Data Leadership Webinars
The Centre for Data Leadership is an Initiative powered by the Smart Cities Council, to enhance our data leadership capabilities, including activating data through platforms like the Digital Twin.
Digital Twin Summit
In 2019 Lendlease hosted their first Digital Twin Summit. This link provides access to the presentations from the 2 day event.
Smart Cities Chronicles Podcast
The Smart Cities Chronicles is a leading podcast that interviews smart cities leaders about all things technology and data.
SCC Digital Twin Symposium
In 2019 the Smart Cities Council hosted the first national Digital Twin Symposium. Further information about the Symposium can be found here.
Unlocking the Value of Data
This paper gives an overview of the benefits for New Zealand in developing a National Digital Infrastructure
Model (NDIM) and provides some examples of activities both here and overseas. It is also a ‘call to action’ to
New Zealand’s national and local governments, industry leaders and academia to come together and develop
the structures that will support the digital future of New Zealand’s infrastructure.
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Digital Twin Summit

In 2019 Lendlease hosted their first Digital Twin Summit. This link provides access to the presentations from the 2 day event.

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